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Full-Service Shipping & White-Glove Fine Art Handling
to the Marfa Invitational, TBD 2025.

Displays Fine Art Services’ shuttle network and exclusive transport options ensure the safe delivery of your valuable exhibit to the Marfa Invitational.


Since Donald Judd popularized Marfa into a contemporary art mecca, the Marfa Invitational has attracted internationally lauded galleries such as the Half Gallery in London and the Nino Mier Gallery in California. The exhibitors curate a selection of their best works for their discerning guests who travel from all over the world to the small West Texas town.

The Marfa Invitational is an unparalleled platform exhibiting the avant-garde of contemporary art in media ranging from painting to film and fashion. The southwest desert frames the experience for visitors, giving them a window into the inspiration Judd felt when he moved to Marfa from New York. This experience induces conceptual immersion that solidifies the Marfa Invitational as one of the world’s most unique contemporary art fairs.

Saint George Hall
113 El Paso Street
Marfa, Texas 79843

For more information, please visit www.marfainvitational.com.

An image of a water tower with "Marfa" painted on it, superimposed by a log of the Marfa Invitational


Displays Fine Art Services brings a wealth of talent and expertise to fine art handling, using our expertise to transport and install fine art, sculptures, exhibits, and private collections.

At your artwork’s destination, Displays Fine Art Services will deliver your collection directly to your local art handling company for installation. Each of our truck drivers are professional art handlers that we train in-house to museum standards. We guarantee that your pieces will arrive safely at their destination and are offloaded with care. Displays Fine Art Services is the industry standard, and we maintain working relationships with the country’s most prestigious institutions and collectors.

Art being transported in New York for the Art Fair

Our national shuttle and line-haul shipping network transport valuable artifacts to and from museums, auction houses like Sotheby’s and Christie’s, galleries, traveling exhibits, art fairs, and private collectors. Wherever your precious objects need to go, Displays Fine Art Services has you covered.

If you are looking for a safe but economical option, choose from a variety of shuttles with destinations nationwide.

Some objects that are time-sensitive may require extra security or an exclusive shipment. Fine art transportation has never been easier or safer.

Displays Truck transporting Art in New York

Our line-haul division transports your sensitive, valuable items coast to coast, whether the ultimate destination is San Francisco, New York, or anywhere else in between.

Have a traveling exhibition? No problem with Displays Fine Art Services! We help streamline the logistics of working with multiple venues.

We have 53-foot, climate-controlled, high cube trailers with air ride capability. Our fleet is specially equipped to carry the most delicate cargo, including medical equipment, electronic instruments, and even valuable antique furniture collections.

We move items of high value across the nation and ensure the safe arrival of all cargo we transport.

Art being transported in New York for the Art Fair

We have installed everything from private collections to large-scale museum exhibitions all over the country. Our white-glove fine art handlers’ vast experience sets us apart. We can install your artwork in any city for art fairs or any other reason, carefully planning and professionally executing every detail.

Art Installation Services Include:

  • Rigging, hoisting and crane service
  • Small and monumental sculpture
  • Museum preparatory support
  • Exhibition design
  • Single object
Three Displays Fine Art Services team members install a large statue of an owl outdoors.


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