Displays Fine Art Services has joined Crozier Fine Arts. We are the same trusted team of experts powered by global infrastructure and international standards.

Fine Art Installation

Our team of experts sets us apart.


Displays Fine Art Services’ professional art handlers have installed some of the most complex exhibitions in the art world. Displays Fine Art Services undertakes projects ranging from residential curation to intricate, multi-week installations at the nation’s best museums. Our expert handlers are astute problem solvers who apply their experience to every situation, providing our diverse clientele the best service in the industry.

Displays Fine Art Services’ staff is accustomed to creative thinking and problem solving on every venture we undertake. We guarantee that we have the necessary experience for your project.

Our Installation Services Include:

  • Fine Art Installation and De-Installation
  • Small-Scale to Monumental Sculpture Installation
  • Rigging, Hoisting and Crane Service
  • Institution and Private Collections
  • Exhibition Design and Installation
  • Museum Preparatory Support
  • Single Object
  • Interior design installation

Every aspect of our projects are professionally scrutinized, planned, and executed, resulting in consistently high satisfaction from our clients.’

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