Displays Fine Art Services has joined Crozier Fine Arts. We are the same trusted team of experts powered by global infrastructure and international standards.
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Fine Art Transportation Services

We are North America’s largest art logistics provider.

Our fleet is custom-designed specifically for the transport of fine art, antiquities, memorabilia and other precious artifacts. Whether across town or across the country, we have a fine art transportation option that fits your needs! You have paid thousands or even millions of dollars for your art. Let us help protect your investment.


Our national shuttle and line-haul shipping network transports valuable artifacts to and from museums, auction houses like Sotheby’s and Christie’s, galleries, traveling exhibits, art fairs and private collectors. Wherever your precious objects need to go, Displays Fine Art Services has you covered.

If you are looking for a safe but economical option, choose from a variety of shuttles with destinations nationwide. Fine art transportation has never been easier or safer.

For oversized pieces or large exhibits, see our line-haul services for more information.

Protect your valuable items with our certified line-haul transportation specialists & climate-controlled, high cube trucks.

Our line-haul division transports your sensitive, valuable items coast to coast, whether the ultimate destination is San Francisco or New York. Have a traveling exhibition? No problem for Displays Fine Art Services! We help streamline the logistics of working with multiple venues.

We have 53-foot, climate-controlled, high cube trailers with air ride capability. Our fleet is specially equipped to carry the most delicate cargo including medical equipment, electronic instruments and even valuable antique furniture collections. We move items of high value across the nation and ensure the safe arrival of all cargo we transport.

Freight forwarding companies can also sub-contract our line-haul transportation division to get the job done. You can handle the logistics, and we will ensure the art arrives safely at its destination.

See our transport options and line-haul service details.

We have air ride, 53-foot, high cube, climate-controlled trailers for your coast-to-coast shipping needs.

Displays Fine Art Services Line-Haul division serves freight forwarders with sensitive, oversized freight that needs to be transported over long distances. All of our equipment is climate-controlled with air ride capability to ensure the protection of your valuable items. We offer unmatched quality and security in all our services.

We offer full-service nationwide art fair shipping and handling.

Displays Fine Art Services brings a wealth of talent and expertise to fine art handling, using our expertise to transport and install fine art, sculptures, exhibits and private collections. We deliver your masterpieces directly to the art handling company of your choice prior to each art fair. See our schedule to book your fine art services for some of our most popular art fair destinations in advance. We drive weekly and monthly shuttles as well as exclusives all over the country. All of our drivers are qualified fine art handlers.

With over 200 years of combined experience in the fine art industry, our professionals have demonstrated their expertise in countless projects around the nation, from Seattle to Miami and New York to Los Angeles.

Check the provided schedule for the best times to book your art fair shipment.



Many carriers simply ship containers — they lack the training and equipment to safely transport valuable objects. We guarantee that we can provide the solution you need: from climate-controlled, air-ride-equipped straight trucks to a line-haul division for oversized objects and traveling shows. Our fleet is the most advanced in the industry, providing museum-level services at every point in transit. Each of our over-the-road drivers are not only commercially licensed but are highly trained art handlers who can transport the largest and most delicate pieces in your collection. Watch this 80-second video demonstrating what happens when you ship valuable pieces with commercial shippers.


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