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Our trusted experts have maintained and managed countless conservation projects

Displays Fine Art Services provides conservation management and maintenance services for a variety of mediums including bronze, marble, stone, glass, textiles, works on paper and paintings. The care and routine conservation of an artwork is very important to its protection and longevity.

It is estimated that a lack of routine care is responsible for 95% of conservation treatments.

Sculpture conservation is the most cost-effective strategy to keep pieces of art at their best. Abusive elements, such as harsh weather and corrosion, can damage patinas and other sensitive finishes.

Displays can lead or assist with your conservation and maintenance needs. We also have space available for your conservation projects, with staff available to assist.

Let us recommend a sculpture conservation management program tailored for your specific artwork.

Contact us today to schedule your free sculpture evaluation and to learn more about our different conservation options.

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“I have used Displays FAS for cleaning my Mac Whitney sculpture on a regular basis for years. They do a fine job. They show up when they are supposed to and are always pleasant to deal with.”

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