As with everything we fabricate at Displays FAS, crates are always available in custom form to fit the needs of both the client and the fine art.

Crates We Build:

Standard Basic Crate:

Our most basic economic crate constructed of a combination ¾” & ½” CD grade plywood box with handles and corner reinforcements, with 2” urethane foam lining for insulation and shock protection for the piece. Wood screw closure.

Slat Crate:

Open- style crate using 1”x4”, 1”x6”, and 1”x12” dimensional lumber in conjunction with some ½” and ¾” CD grade plywood and appropriate bracing provided based on the individual piece needs. We generally use slat crates to crate furniture and sculpture, in order to provide a way of safely handling fine art. In addition, slat crates are capable for use in conjunction with an exhibit crate.

Standard Exhibit Crate:

Crate Exterior – We construct composition boxes with ½” Meranti plywood and dimensional lumber batten. We thoroughly seal exhibit crates on the exterior with two coats of either oil-based polyurethane or painted to customer specified color; we caulk all seams and nail holes. Exhibit crates have a bolt type closure; in addition, we weather-strip openings for an airtight seal.

Crate Interior – Typically, we insulate the interior of an exhibit crate with a 1” ethafoam (polylam) lining and a 2” ethafoam (polylam) blocking to create an insulating air space and to provide shock protection for an inner crate or travel frame. We seal the interior with one coat of water-based polyurethane and caulk all seams.

Interior Crate Options:

Inner Crate– Construction may vary, although, typically, inner crates are constructed from ¾” & ½” Meranti plywood in similar fashion to our one-way crate, except we sand and coat an inner crate inside and out with water-based polyurethane. All seams are caulked and openings are weather-striped with a screw closure. We usually line the inner crates with 2” urethane foam for insulation and shock protection. For smaller pieces, we may use a gator foam inner box based on the needs of the piece as well as the client’s preference.

Travel Frame– Fabrication is typically 1”x12” & 1”x6” construction with open slats and we normally use the travel frames in conjunction with oz clips to secure the piece inside the travel frame. With a travel frame, nothing touches the surface of the painting and in some cases, we will include 2” urethane foam blocking under and on the sides to prevent shifting during transit.

Intermediate Crate:

An Intermediate crate is anything that falls in that area between one-way crate and exhibition crate based on piece needs or client specifications. No matter the size and shape of your fine art, we can make the perfect crate to suit your needs.