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Nationwide Shuttles & Exclusives

Transport your fine art collections securely

You pay too much for your fine art to risk entrusting it to a company that doesn’t understand its value. Displays protects your investment with state-of-the-art transportation and white glove fine art handling.

Why choose Displays?

Many carriers are simply shipping containers on wheels. They lack the training and equipment necessary to transport your valuable goods. With Displays, you receive expert service from some of the most experienced art handlers in the industry.

Common CarrierDisplays
Little concern for what’s inside the packagesEmployees are artists or have art degrees, with experience serving world-class institutions
Lacking necessary equipment to prevent damageHighly skilled art handlers, customized packing and transport for each item
No experience handling art or other irreplaceable cultural artifactsOver 200 years of combined experience in art handling
“Where’s my package?”24-hour integrated GPS security tracking

You deserve better

Watch these 80-second videos to see why you might not want to trust those other guys with your valuable items.

Fine art transportation options

Our fleet is custom-designed to transport fine art, antiquities, memorabilia and other precious artifacts all over the country.

Nationwide Shuttle

  • Climate control available
  • Local, regional, and national
  • Air ride equipped
  • LOFO (last on, first off) available

If you are looking for a safe but economical option, choose from a variety of shuttles with destinations nationwide.

Every other week
Once a month
Exclusive only

Exclusive Transport

  • Courier-friendly amenities
  • Ideal for high-value items
  • Complete control of your schedule and route

For oversized pieces or large exhibits, see our exhibition and high cube transportation services.

Where do we ship?


Auction Houses


Art Fairs

Meet the fleet

Our fleet specializes in shipping high value items and features courier-friendly amenities. Choose from box trucks, sprinter vans, and line haul trailers.